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Keep Calm And Do Pilates

Pilates Nov27th 2013

Pilates is a strengthening and relaxing exercise that focuses on control of the body; promoting breathing control, better posture, and muscle development in the upper torso.

Here are five reasons why Pilates is excellent for everyone but especially those with disabilities.

Keep Calm and Do Pilates

  1. No need to stand – Pilates is an exercise that can be done on the floor or bed. Standing is not necessary.
  2. The core – Pilates works mostly with the stomach muscles. Working stomach muscles ultimately help with circulation, strength, and coordination. It can help you sit up smoother and more independent.
  3. Controlled pace – The person sets their own pace, you can go as fast or as slow as you choose. Either way, you get something out of it. Do not overdo it. In Time, you will build up more resistance and ability.
  4. Relaxing and stress relieving – A person with a disability cannot always do a thing that normally relieves stress. Pilates helps relax the muscles and let go of stress. As one does it, the stress is relieved in the body.
  5. Joining a class – Some exercise classes make it difficult for someone with a disability to take part. Pilates is more universal and everyone can try it. Joining a class helps you feel a part of something and increase socialization.

Source: Examiner

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