Practice Promotions LLC

Loizos L.

Sep28th 2020

Jill, Lindsay, and the rest of the crew are the best! I injured my low back so bad that I couldn’t walk, stand upright, or bend over without excruciating pain. As a 26 year old trainer where I have to be on my feet all the time, it was really worrisome. I called out of work a bunch and couldn’t do any physical activity. At Exhale, I was able to get relief and a better understanding of my body after every session; they taught me how to understand my body, recognize the issues that might’ve caused my injury, and ways that I can manage and strengthen the muscles at & around my low back to support it.

As a trainer myself, I know a lot about the body. But the education of everyone here is unreal. We ran through movements that strengthened my transverse abdominis, loosened my glutes and helped me activate them, and stretching all sorts of things in my body to relieve tension in my back. The use of Pilates with PT helped me change the way I looked at human movement, and even revamped my squats and the way I work out.

The best thing about going there was that I learned techniques that I can use for the rest of my life. Sometimes I work out too hard or overexert myself and I might feel soreness in my back, but I know exactly what to do to relieve it because of techniques taught by Jill and those at Exhale. I haven’t had a big issue and have been able to workout at %100 ever since I left. I recommend this place to anyone for numerous reasons; but mainly the good people, the high level of knowledge, and the variety of modalities used to make sure you get better now, but also that you won’t have to feel pain again in the future.