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Physical therapy in Redondo Beach, CA Nov10th 2023

Physical Therapy: Your Path to Natural, Drug-free Pain Relief

Did you know that 66% of the United States adult population, or more than 131 million people, use prescription drugs everyday? Some prescription drugs can be helpful, and are important for treating a variety of illnesses, but the national opioid epidemic should encourage us all to think twice about relying on prescription medication for pain-relief.

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Drug free treatment in Redondo Beach CA May20th 2023

Relying On Pain Medication For Relief? A Skilled PT Could Help

It’s no secret that pain has an adverse effect on one’s quality of life. Many people make the mistake of relying on medication to alleviate their symptoms, yet pharmaceuticals just mask problems rather than cure them. Physical therapy is a natural and non-invasive treatment that is both safe and effective. Please contact our office if

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Shrug Off Shoulder Pain With A Physical Therapist’s Help Nov20th 2022

Shrug Off Shoulder Pain With A Physical Therapist’s Help

Did you know that your shoulders are the most moveable and flexible joints in your body? They are made up of various muscles, tendons, and bones, and they’re pretty complicated. They are what allow you to move around and complete many of your responsibilities during the day. Your shoulders are capable of a great deal,

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