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The Origin of Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in 1880 near Dusseldorf, Germany. He was the creator of the Pilates Method, formerly and originally known as “Contrology.” He suffered from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever. However, he managed to overcome his physical limitations by developing his own program of exercise and bodybuilding. In 1926, Joe left Germany and immigrated to the United States. During his voyage, he met Clara, a nurse, whom he later married. Together, they opened a fitness studio in New York, sharing an address with the New York City Ballet.

joseph-pilatesUnknown to many, Pilates was actually originally designed as a fitness program for men, but due to their close proximity to this Ballet studio, many people began to associate Pilates with women and ballet. Nevertheless, by the early 1960s, Joe and Clara’s style of exercise, now termed “Pilates,” was becoming widely popular. Joe passed away in 1967, but his brilliant method of Pilates continues to be internationally used.

Pilates is unique to the world of exercise as it combines stretching and strengthening to elongate musculature and enhance the “long, lean” look. The emphasis on core strengthening is sure to give you the abs you always wanted, but it does not have to stop there. Pilates conditions the entire body through smooth, safe, linear movement patterns that incorporate many muscle groups simultaneously.

Pilates at Exhale PT

Exhale PT offers private, semi-private, and group pilates classes with our certified instructors. Private sessions can incorporate the use of a Physical Therapist.

Pilates is a strengthening and relaxing exercise that focuses on control of the body; promoting breathing control, better posture, and muscle development in the upper torso. Pilates is great for everyone and especially those with disabilities or injuries: there’s no need to stand; it is done at a custom pace that’s right for you; it’s relaxing and stress relieving; and it’s fun. We’ll help you decide on which Pilates classes are right for you.

ExhalePT ReformersAll private, semi-private, and group sessions are 50-55 minutes and performed on our various types of pilates equipment. The Universal Reformer, known as the reformer, is the most popular piece of equipment and one of Joseph Pilates’s original inventions. He believed beginning exercise in the horizontal plane was important to relieve the stress and strain on the joints, and to align the body before adding additional gravitational forces through the central axis while standing, sitting or kneeling.

Classically, there are more than a hundred movements created for the reformer, each dependent and built upon the other. Sessions may also include mat work on the floor. All of the equipment Joseph Pilates created came after the development of mat work. Sometimes we say, “the mat is the method.” Mat work is the foundation of Pilates. It includes numerous exercises of varying difficulty and progression.

During your initial evaluation, we will pair you with the solution best fitted for your needs and personal goals. ExhalePT offers:

Private One-on-One Pilates Sessions

  • Single Session with a Physical Therapist
  • Single Session with a Certified Pilates Instructor
  • 5, 10 and 20 session packages offered

Semi-Private Pilates Sessions

  • Single session with a certified Pilates instructor is shared with 2 individuals
  • 5, 10 and 20 session packages offered