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Mommy Resilience

Mommy Resilience
There are many body changes that occur during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, there is high risk for low back pain (due to the added weight in the front of the body). After pregnancy, low back pain can continue to linger for several reasons: it takes time for the pelvis to re-stabilize and for the core muscles to re-tighten and strengthen. In addition, a new mom now has to constantly bend forward to pick up/ put down her new baby, a repetitive motion that can cause back pain.

In addition to low back pain, a new mom is also at risk of developing neck and shoulder pain. A combination of constantly bending forward over the crib to pick up/ put down her new baby and the fact that over time, her baby will get heavier and heavier, is enough to develop stress in the upper body muscles. Without proper balancing exercises, neck and shoulder pain can become unbearable. The last common condition we see in new moms has to do with developing pain in her wrist or thumb muscles.

Such muscles are not used to being frequently contracted for long periods of time, such as when carrying her baby using hand, fingers and thumb muscles to cradle and support her baby. The excessive use of the thumb when lifting, carrying and supporting a baby is enough to cause conditions of tendonitis, such as DeQuervain’s Syndrome. The good news is, all of these frequently experienced conditions are easy to prevent and completely resolve.

Benefits of new mommy resilience program:

  • Learn the root causes of your pain.
  • Learn to avoid future pain problems and serious conditions.
  • Help strengthen weak muscles in your body.
  • Retain more energy in day to day activities.

Who is best for this program?

New mothers who have experienced a sudden change in weakness or pain in areas such as the back, shoulders, neck, arms, or hands.

Be wary of…

Seeking advice, treatments and medications that only mask the pain and does not discover, address and improve the root cause of pain.

Why act now?

We offer a variety of cutting edge pain solutions and are considered specialists when it comes to body balancing and conditioning. During your first visit, you will receive pain-relief treatment and will be taught valuable specific exercises you can start doing at home.

We are committed to helping you maintain a healthy, balanced and resilient body every step of the way, enabling you to enjoy your experiences being with your new baby.

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