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Pilates is a strengthening and relaxing exercise that focuses on control of the body; promoting breathing control, better posture, and muscle development in the upper torso.

Here are five reasons why Pilates is excellent for everyone but especially those with disabilities.

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Back Pain

A risk factor is something that increases your chances of having back pain. Having more risk factors means you have a higher chance of having back pain.

Risk factors of back pain that you can’t change

  • Being middle-aged or older.
  • Being male.
  • Having a family history of back pain.
  • Having had a back injury before.
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Here are 6 of the top exercise excuses and what you can do to combat them.

1. I don’t have time- How much TV do you watch? During your shows use resistance bands or walk in place

2. I’m too tired- Working out actually gives you more energy due to the endorphins released

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